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March 24th, 2014

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I am well aware that what I’m about to say will make me sound like a crotchety old woman. But, I’ve been called worse, so I’ll continue.

Perhaps it’s because I feel left out, a little jealous or have an unhealthy need to be the center of everyone’s attention- but I have absolutely no idea why everyone’s head is bowed in worship over their phone gods. What are you people doing down there? Apparently the average person checks their smart phone 150 times a day- so yes, once again it is confirmed I am not your average person. Firstly I’m one of those annoying people who often doesn’t even know where my phone is, and secondly when I do, it’s lucky to be charged.

Don’t get me wrong, I love connection, communication, and relationships like the next person. (Just ask any of my Facebook friends!) I love a witty Facebook status, photos or your dog sleeping on his back, your favourite soup recipe, and seeing school reunion photos from across the world. I admire those who conquer “Words with Friends”, and can turn a dull photo of a bike pedal into a work of art. Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter all have a place- but where exactly is this place? I mean I think we can all agree it’s not while watching your kid’s solo at the Christmas concert, or during your mother’s 80th birthday celebration……. right?

But what about the boring moments in life? You know, when nothing is happening? Is that the place to check your phone? How about while waiting for your train or those awkward moments when you’re in line for the 1 women’s bathroom at a concert, or on a 5hr road trip with a colleague you barely know? How about when you’re waiting for your dentist appointment, while crossing the street, or taking a dump…………..?

Everyone has their own lines (and personally, mine is drawn way before needing it in the bathroom but each to their own.) So, may I pose a question? Whatever happened to just being bored? What did you do 5, 10yrs ago while waiting for a friend running late or that stubborn bowel movement? Being bored is ok- it really won’t hurt, I promise! What are we all so afraid of? Our own thoughts? Looking unimportant? Making eye contact with someone we don’t know which could be a bit creepy, but you just never know? Being bored creates space for daydreaming, for striking up conversations with people outside of your network- people who may inspire you, or may not. Being bored may even help you become more creative, be a better problem solver of all those problems you’ve ignored, or to simply give you a moment of quiet in your own tortured lonely world.

I know it’s kinda scary, frightening actually -but an empty moment can be filled with many wonderful and glorious thoughts. Go on- ignore the cute cats and funny quizzes for just a minute. I dare you to put your phone down the next time you’re waiting at your kid’s piano lesson, you just never know what you might find in that head of yours. Who knows, if you dig around in there long enough, you may just find the answer to world peace! Or not, but either way- you’ve carved out a little extra space in an already cluttered world, an extra moment to dream I believe.

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  1. Neil says:

    Meg , great insight when you say “Being bored creates space“. I just loved it. It’s so true when you think about it boredom can be such a disguised opportunity we can capitalize on to make our life better and efficient. Thank you for your practical perspective, it is much appreciated.   

  2. dr Douglas Simper says:

    Meg, Your comments are spot on! I sometimes see whole families in restaurants – all on the phone.The phone has become the alter ego – like a dummy for the needy baby- an attachment that controls our identity.  The phone is also allowing governments and business to track our every movement which may not worry us but eventually can mean that our ‘brave new world’ has lost is basic freedom and we are effectively robots controlled by a central force. I do have a old style phone (I am a music teacher) because parents need to ring/text me but I make few outgoing calls and don’t  use it for emails etc. The next step after the i-phone is an electrode implanted into the body!!

  3. Sherrie says:

    Thanks for another thought provoking article Meg.  I confess that I am a frequent FB and email checker and I don’t even know why.  Your article gave me some ideas of why and I agree that they aren’t helping me be who I want to be.  So…it’s going to be difficult (or hopefully not) but I am going to commit to only looking at email and FB 3 times a day.   

  4. Ellie says:

    I am NEVER bored,  and never have been.  If not busy, I spend time with my favorite person.  ME!

  5. So true!  Only when you have that time where nothing is happening does creativity flourish!

  6. Joan says:

    Well written, Meg

  7. Christine Spong says:

    Good article, Meg.  Thank you for making me stop and think.

  8. Ideas for my current novel, or even the one after the one after next can leap into my head while waiting in a queue. I’ll smile at anyone – I’ll talk to them as well – if they’re not on their mp3 player or phone – I’m shameless that way! And of course I always have a book in my bag if daydreaming / people watching / chatting / etc doesn’t work.

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