Conversations About God

March 9th, 2018

Group Reading

One- In the growing revelation of reality evolving around us,
All- we look with gratitude at an ever larger and larger world.
One- Our personal life has its meaning, and is dovetailed in all its co-evolutionary ups and downs into the larger meaning that encompasses us.
All- None of us can go it alone: each has innate energies needed by all.
One- That whistling cardinal, that burgeoning spruce, that tearful neighbor, that refuge healed of horror-
All- all are essential.
One- We are grateful to be conscious of the awesome narrative of which we are a part, paradoxical and baffling as it is, All- and commit ourselves to creativity in cooperating with the forces of life. – William Cleary, Prayers to an Evolutionary God

Quotes & Readings

“I don’t believe in God, but I miss Him. That’s what I say when the question is put. I asked my brother, who has taught philosophy at Oxford, Geneva and the Sorbonne, what he thought of such a statement, without revealing that it was my own. He replied with a single word: “Soppy.” My mother telephoned and picked up on the fact that I had described myself as an agnostic. She told me that this was how Dad used to describe himself – whereas she was an atheist. She made it sound as if being an agnostic was a wishy-washy liberal position, as opposed to the truth-and-market-forces reality of atheism. “What’s all this about death, by the way?” she continued. I explained that I didn’t like the idea of it. “You’re just like your father,” she replied. “Maybe it’s your age. When you get to my age you won’t mind so much. I’ve seen the best of life anyway. And think about the Middle Ages – then their life expectancy was really short. Nowadays we live 70, 80, 90 years … People only believe in religion because they’re afraid of death.” This was a typical statement from my mother: lucid, opinionated, explicitly impatient of opposing views. Her dominance of the family, and her certainties about the world, made things usefully clear in childhood, restrictive in adolescence, and grindingly repetitive in adulthood.” ~ Julian Barnes, Nothing To Be Frightened Of

“God does not exist. He is being-itself beyond essence and existence. Therefore to argue that God exists is to deny him. In such a state the God of both religious and theological language disappears. But something remains, namely, the seriousness of that doubt in which meaning within meaninglessness is affirmed. The source of this affirmation of meaning within meaninglessness, of certitude within doubt, is not the God of traditional theism but the “God above God,” the power of being, which works through those who have no name for it, not even the name God.” ~ Paul Tillich, Systematic Theology Vol. 2 , p. 12

Seed of Meaning

When the heart is open to another, I am my true self and part of the great divine everlasting ‘whole’, the Ground of Being that unites our humanity. ~ Bill Lawton

Say together: I live my days with meaning, seeking beauty in everyone and everything.

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