March 30th, 2018

Group Reading

“Hearts rebuilt from hope resurrect dreams killed by hate.” ~ Aberjhani One- “The resurrection of the morning.

All- The mystery of the night. One- The hummingbird’s wings. All- The excitement of thunder.

One- The rainbow in the waterfall.
All- Wild mustard, that rough blaze of the fields.” ~ Mary Oliver

Quotes & Readings

“I face the silence of our churches over refugees, ethnic hatreds, prejudice and the isolation of those abandoned by our systems. I learn to live with the determination that the greatest gift we all have is to steadily look each other in the eye and embrace difference. Meeting each other without pretence and open to fresh discovery is where Easter embraces Christmas.” ~ Bill Lawton, Easter Sermon 2011

“Is the resurrection real? If we believe in a creative power that shatters the icy tomb of winter with the life-giving miracle of spring, we have seen a resurrection. If we believe in a creative power which moves tens and then tens of thousands of people to cry against the injustices of society, enabling the downfall of hatred and prejudice, then we have created a resurrection. If we believe in a creative power within each human breast which enables us to break the bonds of personal pain and know the hope of new tomorrows, then we have experienced a resurrection.” ~ Mark Harris

Seed of Resurrection

We stand at a new doorway, awaiting that which comes:

Say together:

Daring to be human creatures, vulnerable to the beauty of existence, learning to love.

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