April 13th, 2018

Group Reading

“Inside myself is a place where I live all alone, and that’s where I renew my springs that never dry up.” ~ Pearl Buck

One- This aloneness is worth more than a thousand lives.

All- This freedom is worth more than all the lands on earth.

One- To be one with the truth for just a moment,

All- Is worth more than the world and life itself. ~ Rumi

Quotes & Readings

“The individual’s desire for privacy is never absolute, since participation in society is an equally powerful desire. Thus

each individual is continually engaged in a personal adjustment process in which he balances the desire for privacy with

the desire for disclosure and communication of himself to others, in light of the environmental conditions and social

norms set by the society in which he lives.

” ~ Alan Westin

“Facts, at any rate, could not be kept hidden. They could be tracked down by enquiry, they could be squeezed out of you by torture. But if the object was not to stay alive but to stay human, what difference did it ultimately make? They could not alter your feelings: for that matter you could not alter them yourself, even if you wanted to. They could lay bare in the utmost detail everything that you had done or said or thought; but the inner heart, whose workings were mysterious even to yourself, remained impregnable.” ~ George Orwell, 1984

“Only you can take inner freedom away from yourself, or give it to yourself. Nobody else can.” ~ Michael A. Singer

Seed of Trust

“Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.” ~ Rumi

Say together: My thoughts are my own. I have inner freedom that no one can take from me.

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