Common Good

June 15th, 2018

Group Reading

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ~ Gandhi

One: My neighbor and I have the same origins;
All: We share a common destiny;
One: We are the obverse and reverse sides of one entity; We are unchanging equals; All: We are the faces which see themselves in each other;
One: My neighbor’s sorrow is my sorrow;
All: Your joy is my joy;
One: We are mutually fulfilled when we stand by each other in moments of need.
All: Your survival is a precondition of my survival. Zulu Personal Declaration

Quotes & Readings


“Whether hipsters or homeschoolers, parents who don’t vaccinate are free riders. Their children benefit from herd immunity without assuming the very small risk of adverse reaction to vaccination. It is a game that works — until too many play it.

Herd immunity requires about 90 percent vaccine coverage. Some children with highly vulnerable immune systems — say, a child being treated for leukemia — can’t be vaccinated for medical reasons. When the number of non-medical exemptions from vaccination gets large enough, the child with leukemia becomes the most vulnerable to the spread of disease.

This issue is important in itself. It also demonstrates a point that is properly called “philosophic.” Vaccination is communitarianism in its purest, laboratory form. The choices of citizens are restricted for a clearly (even mathematically) defined social good.” ~ Michael Gerson: Vaccinations: The public good vs. individual Freedom

“The new survival unit is no longer the individual nation; it’s the entire human race and its environment. This newfound

oneness is only a rediscovery of an ancient religious truth. Unity is not something we are called to create; it’s something

we are called to recognize.

William Sloane Coffin

Seed of Common Good

“The aim of human society however, is not merely to ensure the private good of individual citizens. Rather, its aim is to seek the supreme human good, the common good, which is superior to the good of an individual.” ~ Thomas Aquinas

Say together: May we seek the common good whenever and wherever we can.

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