Death of God

June 1st, 2018

Group Reading

One- In the growing revelation of reality evolving around us,
All- we look with gratitude at an ever larger and larger world.
One- Our personal life has its meaning, and is dovetailed in all its co-evolutionary ups and downs into the larger meaning that encompasses us.
All- None of us can go it alone: each has innate energies needed by all.
One- That whistling cardinal, that burgeoning spruce, that tearful neighbor, that refuge healed of horror-
All- all are essential.
One- We are grateful to be conscious of the awesome narrative of which we are a part, paradoxical and baffling as it is, All- and commit ourselves to creativity in cooperating with the forces of life. – William Cleary, Prayers to an Evolutionary God

Quotes & Readings

“The only Christianity at the level of its notion, which draws all the consequences from its basic event – the death of God – is atheism. This is the kind of God an authentic left needs: a God who wholly “became man” – a comrade among us, crucified together with two social outcasts – and who not only “doesn’t exist” but also himself knows this, accepting his erasure, entirely passing over into the love that binds members of the Holy Ghost (the party, the emancipatory collective). Why is theology emerging again as a point of reference for radical politics? It is emerging not in order to supply a divine “big other,” guaranteeing the final success of our endeavours, but, on the contrary, as a token of our radical freedom, with no big other to rely on. Fyodor Dostoevsky was aware of how God gives us freedom and responsibility – he is not a benevolent master steering us to safety, but one who reminds us that we are wholly unto ourselves.” ~ Slavoj Zizek, The only church that illuminates is a burning church

“Atheism is nothing like as easy as it looks. It may be simple enough at the individual level, but for whole societies to achieve this condition has proved remarkably hard. In fact, modernity is littered with the rubble of failed surrogates for the Almighty, all the way from Reason, Geist, art, science, culture and Humanity to Nature, the People, the nation, Society, the state and Tom Cruise. No sooner has God been rejected than he is smuggled in the back door again, sometimes in heavy disguise. I don’t of course mean to suggest that these phenomena are nothing but stand–ins for the deity, but all of them have fulfilled such a function at various times in their careers. Religion has traditionally played such a vital role in legitimating political regimes that our rulers could hardly look upon the disappearance of God with any degree of equanimity, which is one of several reasons why there have been various largely doomed attempts to fill his shoes.” ~ Terry Eagleton, The Death of God and the War on Terror

Seed of Meaning

Say together: Free from the need for certainty, I live my days with integrity, seeking beauty in moments and connections.

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