June 22nd, 2018

Group Reading

“I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.” ~ Tennessee Williams

One: My neighbor and I have the same origins;
All: We share a common destiny;
One: We are the obverse and reverse sides of one entity; We are unchanging equals; All: We are the faces which see themselves in each other;
One: My neighbor’s sorrow is my sorrow;
All: Your joy is my joy;
One: We are mutually fulfilled when we stand by each other in moments of need.
All: Your survival is a precondition of my survival. Zulu Personal Declaration

Quotes & Readings

“Our country is experiencing a real-time human rights emergency generated by our elected officials; many professing to be pro-life and claiming faith in a dark-skinned refugee Jesus—while allowing migrant families to be ripped apart and children to be housed in kennels and quoting the Bible while they do it.
If there was ever a time when the Church should be visible and vocal it should be now.

If there was ever a moment moral leaders were made for, it is this one.
If there ever a weekend where spiritual leaders should stand bravely in front of their faithful and speak the hardest of truths, complaint and mass exodus be damned—it should be this one. But it probably won’t happen..” ~ John Pavlovitz

“We are all visitors—even when we are home. Our time in any relationship or place is ultimately limited. We are passing

through; nobody stays forever. How might we act if we consider ourselves guests in the lives of friends and family?

Being a good guest is rather simple in principle but occasionally challenging in practice. One begins by demanding

nothing more than the bare elements of life and dignity, which every host is more than delighted to exceed. The good

guest then simply allows the other person to be a good host—to share his gifts, to play her music, to tell his stories, to

show her places, and to serve his foods. Finally, a guest should cultivate and express genuine gratitude. It need not be

effusive or exorbitant, only sincere. We might also think of ourselves as uninvited, but not unwelcome, guests of the

planet. And I think the rules for being a good guest of the world are just the same: Ask little, accept what is offered, and

give thanks. Jeffrey Lockwood, The Fine Art of the Good Guest

Seed of Kindness

Recognize yourself in he and she who are not like you and me. Carlos Fuentes Say together: Goodwill to all people. We are all one.

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